iOnTrends, Inc.


iOnTrends, Inc. is employed in several areas of bringing products and services to market.  We have experience with global companies and healthcare providers wishing to enter a new medical field and not sure of the investment or directions that need to be investigated.   iOnTrends can contract a fixed contract or retainer arrangements to help ascertain the investment needed for the success in a tough, competitive medical market.

Expertise and Domain knowledge in the following areas:

    *Ion-beam therapy solutions for treatment of cancer

        including proton and carbon therapy

    *Image guided radiation therapy solutions

    *Conventional radiation therapy solutions

    *Information technology for images and prescription

    *Financial structuring for large projects

    *Workflow modeling of patient throughput

    *FDA compliance in marketing

    *Extensive working knowledge with reimbursement models

    *Comprehensive business plans

    *Diagnostic imaging devices

    *Cardiac imaging and EKG monitoring


IEEE-CNSV Board of Directors

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Medical Device Consulting

for Emerging Medical Technologies

Welcome to iOnTrends, Inc.;

My company is contracted by various medical device companies; assisting them with everything from new products to reviving established products that may encounter market pressures.  It is exciting to engage my decades of experience in healthcare medical devices to meet the needs of global organizations.  Dedicated to ensuring success of innovative products for medicine.

Dennis F. Falkenstein is President and CEO with 35 years of medical device experience.  He received his BSEE and MBA from the University of Wisconsin.  He held various positions advancing from sales engineer to Vice President of Global Marketing and Sales.